Compass And The Sand

As some of you know, I divide my time between my music projects and running Gallaghers Nest, a music venue and culture centre in my home town of Münchweier in the Black Forest, Germany. As you can imagine, everything came to a grinding halt in March 2020.

Luckily this gave me time to work on a new album, it’s called “Compass And The Sand” and I’m excited to say we are going to Hopemill Studios in Manchester, England from the 24th-28th November to finish the project.

For any of you who haven’t heard, you can download the demos from my website as a type of crowd-funding project. I will use the money to pay for the string quartet, the studio, the musicians, the engineers, producers and all of the travel and accommodation for everyone. This will be the biggest project I have worked on so far. If you download the demos, you will receive the same amount of money off the final album when it's finished, be it in download, cd or vinyl form. I’m very grateful for any advance in funding the album :) Before I introduce you to the team, I’d like to tell you about the tour I have planned to promote the album in February and March 2022. We’ll also be playing some House concerts along the way. This will be as Woosey / Parker / Small (the Matt Woosey Trio) anyone interested in booking us can get in touch via email. All gig dates and information can be found on We’re playing in: GERMANY Wutöschingen Freiburg Jena Homberg Bad Krozingen ENGLAND Broadstairs, Hemel Hempstead, London,

Kettering, Milton Keynes, Swindon, Bath, Cousldon, Sheffield, Redcar, Malvern, Fowey and Awliscombe. Meet the team for the recording: The Vucan String Quartet

These guys are just fab, they’ve been going for years and have recorded on albums with Manic Street Preachers, Roger Daltrey, The Proclaimers, Andy Cairns, Mel C, Bill Fay, Charlotte Church and many more.

Drums/Percussion - Big Dave Small

My musical compadre of many years.

Electric Bass – Jamie Brewster

A dynamite plyer and husband of Racheal.

Female voice - Rachael Jean Harris

I played a support slot to Rachael in Sheffield a couple of years ago and was just blown away. I’ve been listening to her music ever since and am chuffed she has agreed to be on the album.

Upright Bass – John Parker

John has accompanied Dave and me around the country a few times and I’m always amazed by his instinctive and creative playing. John’s main role in the band is to keep me sensible, he’s the angel to Dave Small’s devil on my shoulder!

Guitar - Brad Edmondson I’ve never met Brad and he is on board solely due to the recommendation of Rachael and Jamie. He better be good!

Mandolin and other small instruments - Matt Worley

Matt is currently part of Robert Plant's Band “Saving Grace” and I’ve never met him either. He comes highly recommended by Dave Small. If he’s good enough for Robert Plant, he might well just be good enough for me.

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